Public loos for sale

There’s been several public loos for sale that we’ve seen over the years – the ones near us on Lightbowne Road are still unchanged from when they sold about 4-5 years ago!
These public loos in Silverhill are for sale next month,

So why do people buy them? Do they think they can make money by keeping them as loos? How much does a public loo need to charge before people will walk away?
Or do the plan on turning them into something else. Local populations will remember for years to come though that they were loos – and if tourist visitor numbers slow because of a lack of public facilities then that could cause hostility perhaps.
I read that the ones on Lightbowne Road had planning permission refused for turning them into a florist – perhaps handy for the nearby cemetary, but not as handy as the sellers already at the gate.

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