Help! My House Is Falling Down Series 2

Help! My House Is Falling Down series 2 started last night.
It’s available on 4onD now

In Narborough, Sarah Beeny meets Jamie and Charlotte who fear their house is sinking.
They recently discovered an alarming slope in the first floor of their Edwardian home and are terrified the property could be tilting to the point of collapse. Not only that, the roof is leaking and black mould is growing on the walls.

I think this is the house.

One of the few new property programs at the moment. Just check out the dates on the other programs to see. Although we know Homes Under the Hammer are visiting a local auction house for their next series.

I watched a few of the first series of these and thought it was quite interesting to see Sarah encourage people to tackle structural problems themselves – although with unseen structural engineeers giving advice of course. For most people the thought of doing major structural work is just too scary and it’d be time to ring the builder.

The main advice I can garner from the first series is “a survey is a good idea…”

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