Stockwell House – lovely house in Silverton

Stockwell HouseStockwell House is a quietly unassuming house – from the front it looks like a very sensibly sized traditionally thatched cottage.
Stockwell House is in Silverton in Exeter.
It’s only when you look through the photos that you realise just how huge and fantastic this house is.
Picture 11 shows the rear of the house and there’s a swimming pool and tennis court making it suitable for my own personal list of favourites! It also has a 2 bedroom cottage. Additionally it also has a 4 bay garage and workshop building and a walled garden with greenhouse! This is really wonderful and everything on my wish list! It’s got a sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool which is fab!
The price is £2.3 million.
It’s beautifully presented and looks just wonderful. The aga is a dream in the kitchen! The rooms look spacious and light.

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