Help my house is falling down – Sarah Beeny show

Sarah Beeny and her team of specialists head to the Murphy family’s chocolate box cottage in Cheshire.
This episode of Help, my house is falling downn was interesting.
A couple had bought a 4 bedroom cottage in Cheshire and within a few months they started noticing problems like damp, wobbly floors and cracks appearing.
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They’d only had a basic survey and which didn’t pick up on the 10% of roof tiles needing replacement or the big gap at the edge which allowed water to pour in when it rained.
The children’s bedroom floor was also wobbly. I can’t imagine how they’d have not noticed it being wobbly when they bought it though! There was also woodworm in the main bedroom. The floor between the children’s room and downstairs was not fire safe. This necessitated a trip to the Gloucester fire training centre and setting fire to a mock up of a child’s room.
The property needed re-roofing which took all the couple’s budget of £10,000 – but at the end of the program it appeared they’d completely redone everything including replastering, putting in an ensuite in the children’s room and getting new furnishings. The couple said they’d dipped into their savings. I thought this was strange. If they had savings then why did they say they could only spend £10k at the beginning? Would it be a worse TV show if they said “we’ve got buckets of cash”?

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