garagesIt struck me the other day that there are quite a few very expensive houses for sale that don’t have a garage! I’d imagine if you’re buying an expensive house that you have an expensive car – so you’d want to put it in a garage at night!
There’s also a suprising number of houses that have a garage – across the price range – but don’t show you the garage at all!
Here’s one house in Northgate Lane, Linton, Wetherby which is in West Yorkshire that has a garage and even shows it you! This one also has a nice gym and pool!

When you’re selling a house you should include a photo of the garage if it’s neat and tidy. Some garages are stuffed full of junk but part of the moving process should be to declutter and put items into storage. If you have a full garage stuffed with boxes and piles of junk then it’ll look like you have no storage space in the house at all.

Whilst a huge number of people don’t use their garage for their car even if they have one – you do get cheaper car insurance if you do. (It’s one of the questions they ask about where do you keep your car at night). So ensure viewers can see how much room there is in the garage – let them imagine it full of their own cars or junk and not yours!

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