Kirstie and Phil ipad app

Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter APP

By: Jointly developed and produced by BBC Worldwide and Raise The Roof Productions

The price for me is the biggest stumbling block – it’s £3.49
That’s the price of several ebooks or games so who’s going to pay for some advice off this TV pair?

With a guide, properties, tools and search
It has a torch which makes your iphone light up – how silly – why would you want to risk dropping your iphone down in some loft or subfloor?

It has a budget calculator – do you need this either? Your bank will tell you how much you can borrow – and a sensible guide is 3.5X your own earnings. That might not sound a lot – but it’s a historical norm banks are going to be aiming towards.

It also gives advice like don’t forget to have cash for surveys, fees and other house buying costs!

My advice – download the free estate agent search tools (rightmove is my favourite as it’s ad free and easy to scroll about on their map) and don’t buy this silly app. Save the money towards your house!

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