What info to leave for the new owners?

Should you leave information for the new owners when you move out? Some people do and some don’t. A folder full of useful information would be nice about what days the bin days are, where the nearest shop is and what time it closes on a Sunday.

You could also leave local taxi numbers and Takeaway menus with recommendations! That’d be a nice touch especially as moving is so tiring.

You could also be very thorough and leave the receipts for every major purchase in the house – although you might not have kept the reciepts for the bathroom suite you had put in back in 2001.

You could if you were organised enough leave the names and brand of each paint colour used on the walls – same with wallpaper, blinds and curtains – so they could be matched although light exposed paint does change colour over time.
You should probably look out for the instruction booklets on every appliance in the house. You’ll have them in a folder somewhere tucked away. The alarm instructions are important too so they can change the code!

Some people might also leave the names and contact details of every workman that had been in the house and what work they had done so that any guarantees could be chased up – or if they wanted more work of the same quality doing they would have an idea who to contact.

If you have a chimney then leave the number of the chimney sweep and when you last had it done and when they should probably next get it done.

You could leave the numbers of any emergency plumbers you’ve used too if you recommend them! All the useful numbers you pass on to neighbours when they want work doing.
Health care – leave the local doctors and dentist addresses and numbers, as well as the nearest chemist.
You could also leave your mobile phone number so that if they have any questions you can answer them – but leaving the heating instructions is a better idea!

If you decide to leave some info then you’re probably the sort of person to leave them some flowers or a bottle of wine too! It’d be nice if everyone did this but lots of people don’t!

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