Help my house is falling down

Sarah Beeny’s show – Help my house is falling down shown Thursday 21st July 2011
Sarah meets mum-of-four Christine Davis, whose home of 23 years in Woolwich is riddled with problems and threatening to slide away.

Christine’s roof is on the verge of collapsing, and, worse still, the dangerously damaged electrics and a rodent infestation are making the home a disastrous health hazard. Can a digger, a timber specialist, a mouse-catcher and a clean out of the gutters return this property back into a place the family are proud to call home?

Help my house is falling down follows a fairly standard pattern of a homeowner not having a very nice house and a tight budget!
This weeks features a family home that has been neglected whilst other family members were looked after.
The house suffers from a mouse infestation, damp, dodgy electrics and a retaining wall that will collapse at any moment.

With the budget being stretched by having to do so much work the family have to get suck in and do some of the work themselves. Te Jose is resided and the damp is dealt with. The mice are recorded on camera for three weeks before dealing with them in order to get some great squeamish footage of the furry monsters.

At the end the wall has been rebuilt and the damp gone, the rooms look lovely. It’s a real transformation after the damp dripping wall was repaired.
With wiring repaired at last the house is safe. Shiny new kitchen bought with a loan from her son.

The mice have been eliminated and all the holes sealed up to stop them coming in.

The program is formulaic with the family being shown a demonstration what could happen if they don’t fix the problems.
The house now looks great with a nicely landscaped garden.

It does tell the tale on housing neglect though and why it’s important to keep on top of repairs and issues as they come along.

Budget went to £23,000 and she had to get her kids to chip in.
She said her kids can come and stay as long as they want.

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