Restoration Home – the book!

Restoration Home: The Essential Guide to Tracing the History of Your House is the book to go with the TV series.
Restoration Home series is like grand designs but looks more at the history of the house.

It shows footage as they are rescued from ruin. The accompanying book shows you how to discover the story of your home.

BBC TWO’s Restoration Home follows the journey of the house owners as they restore the houses into beautiful 21st Century homes, revealing a rich and detailed history of the house and its former occupants.

These stories are fascinating, but what lies behind your own front door? What secrets are held in your own four walls? This official companion to the TV series provides all the information you need to take your own home back in time, to discover who built it, how it was used, and even how it looked.


How to use maps to track the changing landscape of your area

How to identify the style of your home and when it was built

Detailed information on key resources, including maps, censuses, deeds and Post Office directories,

A photographic checklist of architectural features to look out for

The TV series so far has featured:

1. St Thomas a Becket church in Pensford, Somerset
2. Nutbourne Common Pumping Station, West Sussex
3. Stoke Hall, Derbyshire
And will feature in the last three episodes yet to air:
4. Calverton Manor, Buckinghamshire
5. Stanwick Hall, Northamptonshire
6. Big House, Pembrokeshire

Restoration Home: The Essential Guide to Tracing the History of Your House available at Amazon now.

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