Auction properties on Rightmove – how to find them

How to find the auction properties only on rightmove.
This link goes to this page listing property in Cheshire for sale at auction

So it should just be a matter of changing the location on rightmove and finding other auction property.

You get a longer more complicated URL doing that – but you can manually edit the url in the address bar so it reads
and then that takes you to the Manchester auction properties.

We spotted this useful hint from Venger! Thank you!

Traditionally auction properties have been bought by cash buyers. If you have a mortgage appreoved then ask if they’d consider letting you buy an auction property – buy do searches and surveys in advance and get a solicitor who specialises in auctions in before you start spending any proper money as they can look through the legal pack and warn if there’s something obvious.
Don’t expect mortgage companies to be happy with any major issues on an auction property like subsidence. Leave well alone to people who can afford to lose their deposit!

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