Selling a house that has ‘stuck’

If you’ve been trying to sell a house for a while and aren’t getting viewings, or aren’t turning those viewings into offers then you need some help.
The estate agent should be working for you asking for feedback from viewers, and showing your property to anyone on his books who might be interested. Ask them first for advice. They know the details and the local market and in theory should be able to give practical advice. If they can’t, then maybe they aren’t the right estate agent for you.

There are a few things that you should bear in mind.
– price
– position
– photos

Do the photos of your house do it justice? If not then re-take them. Things like having a snowy garden when it’s July will really make it seem like your house has been on forever. If your house looks untidy or cluttered in the photos then it’ll not encourage people to come and view. People want to buy a house that has space for them to fill with clutter – so seeing yours in situ puts them off.
Whilst you might not want to do a full house doctor treatment there’s something to be said for tidying up massiviely and taking good photos.

The position of your house might put off people. If it’s down a narrow road that’s hard to get down then that’d put lots of people off. Without causing a parking war with your neighbours you might have trouble shifting cars. However the fire brigade might like a look to make sure they could get an engine down in an emergency.
If you’re next to an eyesore then campaign to the council for it to be tidied up! If it’s a neighbour’s garden that is untidy, then why not ask if they mind if you sort it out. If it’s public land then you could tidy it up yourself too.
Price is very sensitive for many people. The idea of lowering their house price means they are losing money – when in reality until it’s sold they don’t have any money. For negative equity you need to cover the loss with a loan or savings. Speak to the bank about the options.

Would you like me to look at your house listing and make some suggestions?
If so then please use the comments below!

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