Knotweed – a mortgage issue

You might not get a mortgage on a property if a surveyor spots knotweed in the garden.
Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that needs specialist treatment to get rid of it. You can treat it yourself but it takes care, time and patience. And a lot of hard work. You can’t take the plant material off site either, so you’ll have to burn the stems and roots you dig up.

If the property you are looking at is next to open ground then consider spending some time looking at that land for this tricky problem. Whilst it might not be in your garden when you buy, it travels fast and might be in your garden eating at your foundations within a few years. Check the council’s website to see what plans they have for eradiacating it on open space.
Whilst some people consider it a minor nuisance it can actually grow through concrete and has been found growing through the floor in someone’s lounge!

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