Is it your dream house?

Perfect House?

I worry when I see people say they’ve found their dream house. They describe it as perfect and say they love it!

Don’t buy a house with emotions! I know you need hard cash and a level head.

You need to establish whether it is indeed your perfect house or whether you’ve just fallen for the style of the house, the furniture or even the smell!

Step back. View some others. Write a list of what you like about the house. Do a score card.

Do not make an offer on a house in the first moments of falling in love with it. It’s a guaranteed way of paying too much and maybe even missing some of the glaringly obvious faults.

Do a second viewing with a sensible friend. Get their opinion on it. Let them look at it objectively. They’ll spot the leaky gutters, the problem with the kitchen and the small third bedroom size!

Get a good survey done and take notice of any issues on it. Don’t gloss over them just because you like the house a lot.

Buying a house is a serious business and whilst it’s nice to find a house that seems to tick all your boxes you have to make sure it really does!

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