Garage conversion

If you’ve got an integral garage you might have thought about converting it into a more useful space by turning it in to a room or two! You might have a growing family, or just want more space to spread out into. You can find out more about garage conversions here but there are a few points to bear in mind.
You’ll almost certainly need building regulations. You might not need planning permission but it’s always worth checking these things out.
Make sure you do things properly though and keep the official paperwork. If you ever come to sell your house you can then show the potential buyers that your extra room meets all building regulations and was done properly.
Ensuring you insulate properly is important. A garage might have a higher ceiling than the other rooms so you need to look at this too!
Don’t forget you’ll be losing your car storage space too – even if you never use the garage for storing your car!
You should make sure you have adequate outside space for parking still.
Once you’ve properly converted the garage you might well find that the room above feels cosier too!
You could turn a garage into extra space for your children to play in, or perhaps for an older child who wants their own space. With the cost of moving out so expensive it would mean your grown up child could live more independently at home! Some garages might be big enough to put a bathroom in too which would make the space more attractive too! It’d be good to get a downstairs loo if you’ve not already got one!

My only plea to you is please ensure you remove the garage door and put a window in! There’s nothing sadder than seeing a room with a garage door on!

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