No to pubs into flats

I think this is a sensible decision to say no to turning pubs into houses.
The Britannia Inn, at Penny Bridge in South Lakeland has been overpriced for sale says the council.

One of the ways a property owner can apply for commercial to be turned into residential is by showing no one will take the lease or buy the property. Of course marketing it at too high a rent or sale price will prevent it being sold.
In some areas profits might not support the high prices and so no one will buy it.
Rather than lose local facilities it is better for an area to retain some pubs or other commercial enterprises.

Whilst there may be a housing demand locally this would be better dealt with building genuinely affordable housing somewhere near by.
Keeping pubs and shops is essential for an area to remain a nice place to live and visit.

Near me in Failsworth there have been lots of pubs closed down. The Brown Cow is now flats.It would be sad if all pubs were converted into flats when they shut.

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