The House Bible by George Clarke

The Home Bible

This stunning book is 400 pages long and packed with amazing projects to drool over. George has appeared on several TV programs now and is a great architect who has rejuvenated houses as part of the TV series The Home Show. His approach is to empty out the property, paint it all white and then draw on the walls the changes he wants to make. Seeing a house empty and all white is just quite amazing. You’ll really enjoy watching them – they’re available on 4onD at the moment too. He spends a night with the families too – so he can see how they use their home currently and how they might find it more useful.

The book focuses on specific projects but explains how to apply the same knowledge, experience, tricks and techniques to reconfigure your own home. His vision as an architect allows him to combine style with practical living space.
I remmeber one episode of the show where they lower a window so you can see out at the marvellous view when sat down relaxed. Simple changes like that can make so much difference to a room and thw way you use it.

If you know someone who loves his TV show then it’s a great present, and if you know someone who is planning some home rennovations then it’s an essential book for them to read before they lift a paintbrush!

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