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location location location was on last night.
Both couples were in london looking at tiny properties for large amounts of money.

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Louise and Matt -Check out the homes Kirstie and Phil sought out in North London

Sarah and Stewart – Get details for all the properties Sarah and Stewart looked at in Finsbury Park

I don’t live in London. I live close to one of the UK’s biggest cities though.
I am always horrified watching how expensive houses are in London, but houses in Chorlton near me are astronomically expensive compared to the North East side of the city.

Better value up north!For not much more than the smaller budget that Sarah and Stewart had in London you could buy this 3 bedroom detached property in New Moston
You can see it’s a big house, detached with drive, front and rear gardens! So much more than the 2 bedroom ex-local authority flat you could get for about that money in London!

I assume everyone who doesn’t live in London is constantly shocked by the prices shown when they cover London in LLL!
terrace for over 1/4 millionIf you want to live in sunny CHorlton just a few miles awya you’d get this for the same amount of money – 3 bed mid terrace

Neither couple bought a property either ! They did have a clearer idea about what area they liked though!

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