To Build or Not to Build

To Build or Not to Build on BBC1!
Today’s episode is Series 2 Episode 16 set iun Brighton.
Not watched any before now and it’s on its second series.
Series following some of the UK’s 20,000 self-builders. Jason Thawley and his partner Sarah Russell aim to prove that size is not everything when building a new home in Brighton.

From what I’ve seen of this one the moral is not to build complicated shape houses as it makes things more expensive and difficult. Rectangular houses are build by builders for a reason!

Just like Property Ladder and Location Location Location it looks like this show also features people who get pregnant too! In this case the house they are building is a bedroom short of what they now need.
The family have to deal with health problems and a premature birth as well as finishing the home. Build cost £160k, similar houses cost £240k on the same street.

Presented by Simon O’Brien

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