To build or not to build

20,000 people a year build their own home!
Watch some of them on this interesting program presented by Simmon O’Brien

Cheshire Andy Bloor building
a house on his farm
– plan to spend £175k.
His son will have the old farm house and him and his wife will have the new house. It’s not about a grand statement architecturally but a home!
This is certainly a different program from other house building shows on TV – no huge budgets here!
It’s also magaziney in style with going between the build featured to other projects and info.!

13/20. Simon O’Brien gets stuck in to building stud walls at building college.

14/20. Featuring a cutting-edge home in Wales that really has the wow factor.

15/20. Presenter Simon O’Brien learns how to make a traditional ceiling rose
at building college.

16/20. presenter Simon O’Brien gets to grips with tiling at building college.

17/20. Featuring a university professor who has built an eco-home in West Yorkshire.

18/20. Simon O’Brien is left high and dry when he has to fix a roof ridge at
building school.

19/20. Simon O’Brien tries not to throw the towel in when fitting a bath at
building college.

20/20. Simon O’Brien cannot see the wood for the trees when trying carpentry
at building college.

To Build or Not to Build episodes available now on BBC iPlayer

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