How much for solicitors?

How much should solicitors fees be for buying a property?

This is a really frequent question that people have – and they normally ask it when they get a quote from one company.

How much the conveyancing charges should be will vary according to what house you’re buying and what sort of solicitor you use.
Get lots of quotes. Compare like with like though – if you get an online conveyancing quote, compare it with other online quotes.

Local solicitors will be found in the yellow pages, or ask friends who they used.

Get the quotes in writing so you can sit and compare the details. Ask them to include any info on possible other charges.

A solicitor who deals with auction properties is likely to be able to move faster than one who doesn’t – this is a good thing to remember if you’re buying a repossession and want to avoid anyone else sniping your offer.
So before you ask “is this quote about right?” you should check you’ve got several quotes. If you find big discrepencies then you need to work out why. Has one solicitor omitted something or are they just cheaper. Always double check if a quote sounds really cheap.

Another important thing to think about is how easy they are to get hold of. If you ring them up do they answer the phone quickly? Can you email info back and forwards to them at no extra charge? With this in mind you should be able to find the best solicitor for you at the best price.

On my last property purchase I used a local solicitor and was able to email him rather than have to ring up. I thought this was a great idea and meant I had proper information in front of me rather than having to make notes of a phone call.

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