Second Episode of Secret Agent

In Brighton (here on rightmove SSTC) a family looking to move in together so need to sell a couple of houses.
One is busy with colours and carpet designs.
Not much wrong that a bit of paint and new carpet wouldn’t solve. The big problem is the house is on for £209,950 and they want £209,950 for it. They’ve had four offers of £200,000 but that’s not enough.
They redecorate and recarpet on a budget of £1500 (So I imagine it’s not posh carpet) and get an offer of £205,000 which they accept.
Madness. They could have had it sold some time ago and negotiated a discount on the house they want to buy.
Or sell one of the houses and have an extension on the other.
The other house (the mother’s) had an offer too but she was holding out for the asking price still.

Episode 2 on watch again on ch4

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