Secret Agent again

Secret Agent Wednesday 19th October

Sought after area of Harrogate
3 bedroom place at just under £400,000. Damp downstairs and upstairs.

Phil says “All this place needs is a good plumber” … the owners had set up a plumbing business but that’s not bringing in the money to pay the mortgage so they need to sell.

Note to self: Don’t put bodge tape on broken tiles or leaking bathroom trim. It looks tacky and people will notice!

They’ve had to take a lot of money “out of the house to keep the business going”
One of their children is going to school in York so they want to move nearer.

Phil’s buyer has been looking for 15 months. The fact she’s not found anywhere indicates a problem. She’s not viewed many though.

Phil says there’s too much in the garden and they should clear out some of the stuff.

Phil meets their agent – who is also in a grey suit with a blue tie.

The agent says the sellers insisted on the price and the agent would recommend much lower maybe £350-360k.

The sellers decide to use a PR company who are going to use twitter to sell the house. Phil isn’t impressed.

They spend £2500 on it making it pretty again and sorting the damp and leaks out.

The buyer isn’t interested and they say they’ll sign up with another agent soon.

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