Keys to your new house

You’ve got the keys to your new house so what should you do?

Read the meters (You should do this at the place you’re leaving too!) – use a digital camera to get a photo of the meter readings in case of any dispute)

Change the locks. Most people don’t bother but you should really put new barrels in. It’s not complicated and can give you complete peace of mind. There’s millions of keys that get lent to people (Family, cat sitters, even workmen! that don’t get returned.. so avoid any potential problems by just changing the locks)

Get low energy lightbulbs for every room. Buy a bag full in advance. The sellers might leave all their lightbulbs or they might take them all. It’s better to have a few spare bulbs than be in the dark.

Fit a carbon monoxide detector too. They’re about £14 from Amazon and could save your life!

Check the smoke alarms.
Your local fire brigade will come and fit you shiny new ones for free – find their number online or in the yellow pages – Do not ring the 999 number for them!

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