The Renovation Game

The Renovation Game is a new program on Channel 4.
Property show in which a crack team of up-and-coming builders and designers put their own fees on the line if they fail to raise the value of a property.

Next on Channel 4 Tue 08 Nov, 11AM
Missed one yesterday but it’s there to watch on 4onD so I will be switching it on shortly and writing a review.

Series 1 Episode 2
The Renovation Game

The team are in Oxfordshire to meet Pam and her daughter Tracey. Their detached three-bedroom house was brand new in the 1960s, but is now in need of a drastic makeover.

Series 1 | Episode 1 | The Renovation Game

Presenter –
Jonnie Irwin
– Simon O’Brien

The team are in Brighton, at the home of Dave and Katy and their seven-year-old son Freddy. Katy’s a teacher and Dave works for a credit card company. They bought their house just over a year ago and had great plans for it as their first family home. But with no experience of house renovation, the funds have run out sooner than they expected.

Downstairs they’ve been left with a bit of a building site. They’ve spent thousands making it warm and water tight, leaving no money to add the finishing touches. With the piggy bank empty, their dreams for a new kitchen-diner have been turned into a living nightmare. The cheap and nasty kitchen units have given up the ghost and there’s not enough room for Katy’s culinary creativity.

Before any work begins, three local estate agents will value the house in its current state. With the valuation done, now it’s down to the Renovation Game team to add £15,000 to this house – otherwise their fees will be taken.

Can the team hit their target – and get paid?

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