Designer Wallpaper

Is designer wallpaper worth the money?
Many people think that by having a beautiful home, you enjoy it more and are more happy and content. The whole idea of having wallpaper up you don’t like would be silly, especially when there are so many lovely wallpapers. But do you have to have a designer wallpaper?

To compare similar wallpapers it’s nice to get samples and at Wallpaper Direct you can have two samples free and if you want to add more then there’s a small charge! They’re A4 sized samples to give you a real idea of what you’ll be buying.

How to use a sample of wallpaper. As well as holding it and feeling the quality of the paper, you can fix it up on the wall you’re going to put the paper on and spend some time looking at it. Imagine how it’ll look when you do the whole wall. Use the sample to see how it’ll look with your furniture too, and your carpets and curtains!

50's Housewife (Half Scale)
There are some utterly stunning wallpapers such as this 50’s Housewife wallpaper that is a really wonderful unique pattern that will look funky in whatever room you put it in!
It’s made by Dupenny who make some really unusual wallpapers that have been used by top designers like Pearl Lowe.
If you’re after something with more wow factor then a designer paper is more likely to do this! There are lots of bold wallpapers available too that are considerably cheaper than the Dupenny range. These will still give you a feature wallpaper with colour and pattern! You should pick something you like so you’re not stuck looking at it wanting to paint over it! Sometimes a paper will grow on you! Wallpaperdirect have the new Arteco by Jeff Banks. This collection is full of stunning geometric designs in metallic ink finishes and water colour effects. is an interesting designer range with patterns explored in a range of colours to suit you.

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