Lovely house book – The Arts and Crafts Country House

The Arts and Crafts Country HouseThe Arts and Crafts Country House is a lovely book that will be on the wishlist of anyone who loves the Arts and Craft period.

The Arts and Crafts Country House: From the Archives of Country Life

The book has 192 pages which make it a good sturdy book you’ll enjoy. The book – The Arts and Crafts Country House is completely fascinating survey of some of Britain’s most important houses.
It is beautifully illustrated with photos from 25 major houses and the architecture that makes them so special. The pictures date from original black and white taken nearly 100 years ago to more modern photos.

The Arts and Crafts Movement produced some of our country’s greatest works of design, architecture and decorative art. It grew out of a reaction against the Industrial Revolution in the late 1850s, inspired by an alternative vision of life based on the revival of traditional building crafts and the use of local materials. Country Life magazine illustrated regular articles with specially commissioned photographs.
In his stunning book, Clive Aslet draws upon this unique archive to provide a detailed survey of 25 major country houses, designed by the movement’s foremost architects, including Lutyens, Webb, Williams-Ellis and Blow. He also shows how the Arts and Crafts tradition continues to influence architects today.

The Author Clive Aslet was Editor of Country Life for thirteen years and is now Editor-at-Large. He writes for The Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times, and is the author of many books, including The Last Country Houses, The English House, and Villages of Britain.

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