Stunning items to dress your home

SnugglerIt’s amazing how some pieces of furniture give a room a real wow factor, these snugglers from john lewis are really interesting items. They’re bigger than arm chairs but smaller than sofas making them useful for areas where you’d like to put a sofa but don’t have room. Stick a lovely coffee table next to them and you have a really lovely cosy corner. Add a lamp and maybe a couple of glossy magazines on the table and you have a lovely lifestyle look that will make that area in your home look great.
They’re available in fabrics and leather and all sorts of styles and colours. There will be a snuggler for your home! They’d be nice in a bedroom if you have a big area of space that looks a bit empty. They’re probably the contemporary equivalent of chaise longues!
The good thing about dressing your home with furniture is that you get to take it with you when you move, so pick something you like!

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