Make your house smell nice for viewings…

Selling your house may seem to be an endless cycle of keeping everything lovely and tidy and making sure you can actually still enjoy living there. If you’ve read through lots of other hints about selling your house you’ll see that scents can be used to make your home smell more appealing. Some people suggest putting a filter jug of coffee on, or baking bread, but you could also do something as simple as light a candle! There’s some really lovely smellie candles about that you might enjoy having in your house. Amazon have 33% off selected candles and room fragrances at the moment.
Remember though a scented candle is no excuse for an underlying smell. They should enhance not be a distraction.
Clear out anything that smells – and that includes rotten old trainers or the dogs old blanket. Only clean pleasant things can be in your house whilst you’re trying to sell it.

scented candles at Amazon
A scented candle is likely to be more pleasant than a burst of air freshener at the last minute too.
Of course if you’re a particularly good cook then you could bake a tray of cup cakes for when your viewers arrive. Who could resist buying a house where you were given a cup cake? OK so probably lots of people could, but it’d certainly make the house stand out in their mind.

General house viewing hints for the start of the year – make sure you’ve put away all the Christmas stuff. Ensure any extra rubbish that’s not been collected yet is out of sight too.

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