Dehumidifiers are good for your house

dehumidiferA damp house is not a happy house! it can damage your health if mould spores grow and a damp house will feel colder and take more energy to heat.

Treat yourself to a dehumidifier from John Lewis – Standard delivery within 5 working days is FREE too!

The DeLonghi DES12 Compact Dehumidifier is one of their most popular selling models at only £169.99 and comes with a free 2 year guarantee. It’s got some great features including a 3 litre tank which means you don’t have to empty it as often as those models with a smaller tank. The machine has an auto stop function so when the tank is full it stops. There is also a humidistat which allows you to set the level of humidity you want and with an anti frost device that will worth down to 2’C it is a flexible and useful piece of equipment.
With the option of draining via continuously via the included 2m pipe you’ll find you could have it running without any need to empty the tank. It’s also got a filter – Bio Silver Tech system – which means the air in your home will be better too!

Damp causes health issues and if you have noticed black mould growing around windows then you could be putting your family at risk. Mould grows in damp conditions and so removing the moisture from rooms will eliminate the mould. Use it in bathrooms to remove shower steam or in bedrooms to stop the windows being wet in the mornings. You could dry off windows with a cloth or allow one of the fantastic dehumidifiers to get the job done for you much more effectively. Removing the damp from the room will make it feel warmer too.
If you dry clothes indoors then you will find that a dehumidifier will actually help them dry quicker and removes the condensation from windows and walls that might make your house damp.

So if you’ve noticed your windows having condensation on them then you might find a dehumidifier is what you need. It’s great for ensuring rooms are aired without having the window open – something that could be a burglary risk in a ground floor property.

The first clue that you have a damp problem is spotting black mould. It’s common in bathrooms and around windows in your home. You can get special cleaning products to remove it – bleach is normally recommended but be careful using it.

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