Funny size windows

What size are the windows in your house? Do you have trouble finding the right size curtains or blinds? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get blinds made to measure without it costing a fortune?

You can at 247 Blinds

At 247 blinds you can get made to measure window blinds and not only will you love their amazingly low prices but they can also be delivered next day. That’s the fastest made to measure service in the UK.

You can get a discount right now to start the new year off right. And there is a 3 year guarantee on all made to measure blinds.

So many colours and styles as well as fabric types including solar protection blinds, blackout blinds and lots of different thickness venetians.

Whilst it’s not summer yet, it soon will be so you could take a look at their solar protection blinds.

There are several types of solar protection blinds.

The Solar Protective Coating (SPC) range of blinds have a reflective backing.
This makes them good at keeping the temperature down and can block out 100%
of harmful UV radiation.

The second type is the Solar Protective Film (SPF) range of blinds which are
made from a unique solar reflective film. This is sometimes described as ‘sun
glasses for your windows’ as they allow you to see out. These blinds reflect
almost 100% of UV radiation and around 85% of heat.

The last type is the Privacy Shades (PS) which allow you to see outside but
stop people seeing in. As well as this they also have the benefit of blocking
97% of UV radiation.


So why might you want special blinds? The ECO2 blinds can provide energy savings of up to 12% by keeping the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter!

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