Last night’s Location Location Location

Location Location Location was on last night. I watched the last 15 minutes of it. That was enough.

The young girl flat hunting had found a flat she liked but it was 65k over her budget at 465k. So phil suggested putting an offer in just under 450k with a view to moving up in price. She doesn’t like this idea. She wants to snap up a bargain. But Phil refuses to phone the estate agent with an offer of less than 445000!
So no offer is made.

I couldn’t believe Phil found details of a flat in the same sort of area to prove to her the flat was worth as much as they were asking. Perhaps he was on the vendors side and not hers! Looking for proof that a lower price is more realistic is what he should have been doing – and if there was none then not showing any would be better!

It’s almost like he wanted her to pay the asking price. I would love to have time to sit down and watch all of the past zillion series of this program and make a chart showing asking price versus what they ended up paying. I don’t think they’re very good negotiators at all!

The other couple – the vicar and his wife (Ian and Peta?) didn’t buy either but that was because their circumstances had changed.

Perhaps they should rename the show “Looking looking looking” …

Watch it now on 4onD – it’s Series 13 Episode 5

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