DIY expert help from Wickes

There are many reasons why you might want to do some DIY at home.

You might be looking for some insulation to help you cut down on fuel bills,
in which case Wickes can help you there! They’ve got a whole section on
their site about Sustainable homes and how you can help improve your house’s
energy efficiency. They even have an offer on where they can get you free cavity
wall insulation; obviously terms and conditions apply, but if you know your
house hasn’t got it then it’s well worth investigating as it’ll
save you money on your energy bills and you will feel warmer.
They have loft insulation too if you just need to top up your loft, If you’re
not up for the idea of climbing around in the loft then don’t’ worry
as they provide a professionally installed insulation service too. Plus Wickes
have a whole raft of advice on other things too like solar electricity and solar
hot water!
They sell the small stuff too like pipe insulation as well as insulating building
materials if you have a bigger project inside.

If you’re after staying put for a few years in your current house rather
than move you might want to look at getting a conservatory and Wickes have a
great selection of these too.

Maybe you fancy a new kitchen or a new bathroom? Wickes have a great range
of these and with prices of a new kitchen starting from only £399 you’ll
be amazed at the range and quality available. If it’s a new worktop only
that you need they even have a video guide to how to do this! Wickes is a really
useful site with lots of information available to help you do the DIY to make
your house a nicer place!

Perhaps you fancy doing some decorating? Wickes has everything you need to
get that done too! With a fantastic range of wallpapers and paints you’ll
be able to get everything in one place! Once you’ve done that you might
want to think about a new floor and they have everything from laminate to real

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