How a hedgehog can keep your gutters clear

Gutter with hedgehog

Do your gutters get blocked with leaves and other gunk? The Hedgehog gutter
brush stops all that! It deflects things away from the gutter which means you
don’t have to spend hours up a ladder clearing the sludgey leaves out.

Gutter Clutter Facts:
• Homeowners can save on average £100.00 per year against the cost
of professional gutter clearance with Hedgehog.
• Hedgehog can save the average householder 30 hours per annum against
manually clearing their gutters and drains.
• In most cases, the cost of fitting Hedgehog
Gutter Brush
to homeowner’s gutters and drains is less than the average
cost paid per annum to have them professionally cleaned.
• Hedgehog can pay for itself in the first year of installation.

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