DIY disaster in your house?

I’ve had an email about a new home makeover show for Channel 5. Their property expert Sian Astley will rescue Britain’s worst DIYers who – either through lack of money, time, experience or just plain folly – are living in barely habitable and often downright dangerous houses. The problem is they are likely to have bitten off far more than they can chew and have no idea how to finish.

You might remember Sian from Property Ladder – and maybe if you’re in the Manchester area you’ll have seen her in the past on Channel M.

Are you in the middle of a complete home makeover?
IWC Media, the makers of Location, Location, Location, are looking to uncover
Britain’s worst DIY disasters for a brand new TV makeover series for Channel
Have you or someone you know caused a DIY disaster?
Are you living in a downright dangerous nightmare?
Have you bitten off far more than you can chew and have no idea where to go from
With the help of our team of experts we can rescue your home from its state of
devastation – turning your disaster into a dream home.
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