Quick changes in the bathroom when you’re selling

Want to sell your house? Does your bathroom need some work? Rather than rip it out and start again there are several quick and cheap remedies you can do to make it better.
Firstly empty it out of all the clutter on the sink and windowsill and anywhere else you may have things piled up.

Scrub everything.
If the grouting it grotty then regrout it.
Replace the shower curtain
Replace the loo seat with a nice new one – B&Q have 20% off selected wooden toilet seats

They also have everything you need to sort out your bathroom: from stylish accessories, bins, bathmats, new shower curtains and poles and a whole host of other lovely items that will refresh your bathroom. They even have replacement shower heads and hoses to give your bathroom a new look.

Want to know how to remove and replace grout?
B&Q have a grout removing kit or HG Grout Cleaner as well as new grout to replace it with! The Unibond range includes Triple Protection Anti-Mould – Kills Repels, Lasts!

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