Hamlet for sale

A total of 15
A total of 15 holiday cottages, office, Inn, swimming pool and tennis court set within about 14 acres. Also, about 1 km away, a 4 bed farmhouse and barns with PP set in about 2 acres.

The 15 Cornish cottages, tennis court, swimming pool, estate office and the Inn are all set in about 14 acres. There is planning permission to convert the reception building into a 4 bedroom house. All the cottages have full residential use. The break down is: a) 4 adjoining cottages consisting of Anne’s Cottage, Farthing’s Cottage, Bramble Cottage and Trelinda Cottage. b) 3 adjoining cottage consisting of Old Farm House, Honey Cottage, and Joffer’s Cottage. c) 2 adjoining cottages consisting of Trefanny Hall and Little Trefanny Cottage. d) 2 adjoining cottages consisting of Cobbler’s Cottage and Summer Cottage. e) 2 adjoining cottages consisting of Valentine Cottage and Little Orchard Cottage. f) 2 adjoining cottages consisting of Todd’s Cottage and Hillford Cottage.
Further up the valley is Lot 2 – a 4 bedroom farmhouse and 3 original barns with planning permission to convert into domestic dwellings, set in about 1.8 acres.

How lovely would this be? Buy it and move all your friends and family in!

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