Decluttering for a move?

If you’re decluttering and don’t want to throw everything away then look at self-storage as an option.

Decluttering allows you to rpesent your house better for a sale. By removing all your personal nicknacks that clutter up your home, or excess furniture you can leave more of a blank canvas for viewers to see how their lifestyle could fit in.

How much room do you need?
Safestyle sizes – which is similar size to:
Small [10sq ft]Estate car boot
Small [16sq ft]a telephone box
Small [25sq ft]a 1/4 of a single garage
Small [35sq ft]an average garden shed
Medium [50sq ft]half a single garage
Medium [75sq ft]a Luton van
Large [100sq ft]a single garage
Large [125sq ft]a 7.5 tonne lorry
Large [150sq ft]a double garage
Large [250sq ft]a 30ft articulated lorry
Large [500sq ft]3 x 20ft shipping containe

This helps you work out what size storage you might need. Upgrading is easy when you need more room.

How does Self Storage at Safestore work?
You can store your goods or possessions from as little as a week for as long as you need. Storage rooms can be booked in advance to make sure the size you require is available on the day you need it. You can also easily switch to a smaller or larger room whilst in storage if you need to. Self storage at Safestore is flexible, secure and hassle free, and they can help and advise you to make sure you get the best service and value for money.

If you’re downsizing you might like to use storage to hold on to items you can’t bear to throw away. Or if you’re about to embark on some major DIY project then you can protect your belongings by putting them in safe storage.

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