Glitter wallpaper

I didn’t know glitter wallpaper existed until I watched ‘Through the keyhole with Keith Lemon’. It was the first time I’d ever watched this new format of the David Frost and Lloyd Grossman classic show.
I was amused by Keith’s behaviour in the ‘celeb’ house. But amazed by the shiny glittery wallpaper.
It was someone from the X-factor for the first part and then they went to Hilary Duvey – her lovely Staffordshire mansion – she has lived there for 7 years and it took 2 years to paint. It was also once the property of King Edward VII. They also visted Nicky Clarke’s London home.
The show is great if you are as nosey as me and want to see inside celeb’s houses.

Glitter Wallpaper (Silver) – price per metre

Glitter Wallpaper

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