Useful to know

I’ve not really used ‘On the Market‘ much, but today I have had a play.

I put in a postcode and did a search. It extended the postcode to within 1/4 mile which wasn’t a problem at all. I assume it did this as there wouldn’t have been any results. A search of the postcode L39 sticks at that area, because there’s plenty of results and it’s a big area.

It reveals a grid display of houses for sale. I played with the filters and was very impressed by it increasing the search radius when I searched for land for sale.  That’s pretty clever I thought!

It seems to default to ‘most recent’ but as I like looking and drooling over big houses that doesn’t work for me! I do understand if you’re actually looking to buy a house you’re probably keeping quite a keen eye on the market and want to see what’s come up since you last searched.

I’m not sure I like it as much as Rightmove but I will certainly play with it a bit more to see what else it can do.

You can indeed draw areas like on Rightmove.


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