Useful site needs you to register to start using it but this initial level is free. It’s one of those sites that you’ll love if you’re nosey.
In it’s free format it allows you to see the land by titles. It gives the area of the parcel of land, Most useful is the title number which allows you to get documents from the land registry about ownership. Land registry costs you £3 and this site will get the reports for you but they charge more than the land registry.

The Land Registry search can be found here

But you need a house number and postcode, which isn’t always easy if you’re just mooching – and on the site I found the Nimbus link was recommending it for using for finding the owners of land to ask for permissions for metal detecting! So Nimbus is good for less easy to find properties – to track down that all important title number.

Nimbus also gives information about unregistered properties –

Unregistered Land :Registration became compulsory in the 1980/90s. Unregistered properties have not changed hands since then.

A red outline or red pin shows freehold titles.A green pin shows leases granted and registered with the Land Registry (term of 7 years or more). Numerous leases in a location are clustered together into a green spot with a number. Source of this data is the Land Registry,

Planning Marker

These icons show the planning history of a postcode when planning is displayed. Specific properties with a planning history will be highlighted yellow in addition (switched on through the filters). Source: 427 council planning

In conclusion this site is great for nosey people, for those looking at the rightmove listings and wondering how which land is included with properties (Because strangely million plus houses don’t always show themselves off nicely on rightmove!)

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