Grey houses on rightmove

I won’t share the link but here’s a snippet off my local house search

grey grey grey
You’ll see the left hand picture appears to be full colour – the red of the bricks is stunningly bright. Then you look at the two photos that show in the new rightmove layout.
How grey are those photos?
You’d almost think that they were in greyscale but the red drainpipe outside in the bottom picture and the tiny sliver of orange picture on the wall in the top picture is a hint that actually the kitchen really is that grey.

I know a few years ago there was  a huge trend for magnolia in properties to give it a very neutral clean feel. Magnolia is a warm colour compared to the grey that’s currently on trend.

I’m not a fan of grey kitchens and houses.

Is this the greyest house you’ve ever seen?

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