Stone steps

Another matterport house for you.
Do you like the dolls house style of display to look at? Viewing a house like this I think really helps you understand the layout in a way just photos can’t. You get to see steps, windows, radiators and all the things you need to think about when you’re placing furniture in a room. You get to see features like these lovely stone steps in this house.

I love the lounge area, it has several rooms off it (including a study and conservatory) which I think would really suit my family. We love to spend the evenings together, but we also have hobbies that require a bit more room, so it’d be nice to be able to be fairly close together, and have some space for our hobbies.
I do like a utility room! This one is nice and bright too.
There’s another study upstairs too, which I really like. Beams upstairs give character to the house whilst it remains very light.
They have a map of the land too! The garden looks great. I think I would enjoy living in this house very much! It would allow me plenty of room for my bees! To the front of the house there is parking for several cars, a lawned garden with mature trees, and the traditional cider press.

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