What should be the first photo on your rightmove ad?

first photo on rightmoveWhat do you expect to see as the first photo on your rightmove ad?
I think it should be the outside of your house. If it’s not, then I’m always suspicious why.
When you see the kitchen first do you think automatically ‘What’s wrong with the outside?’.
This is especially true if it’s not a really amazing kitchen. If the front of the property isn’t a stunner packed with kerb appeal, then what can be done about that? Sometimes nothing – especially when it’s a flat or shared access. However it rings warning bells straight away and of course you’ll see the outside when you either click the streetview option on rightmove, or visit the place, or just have a drive past to see what it’s like.
I suppose if you can get someone interested – if they pass the 11 second rule just on the inside, then they might like it enough to ignore how ugly it is on the outside.
You should also remember perhaps that as long as the house opposite is pretty, it doesn’t matter what yours looks like as you will be inside and unable to see it!

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