Alternative website for browsing houses for sale or rent. Different style layout than rightmove.
Visit Globrix to see how it works for you.
There are drag bars once you’ve put in your search area that control the prices of the properties shown. To start off they’re at the ends of the scale for the given area.
number of bedrooms
You can adjust the number of bedrooms you’re looking for by clicking on the bedrooms option. This is a clever bit of stuff that shows you how many have each number of bedrooms! Helps you decide whether you need to widen your search area.
They also show freshness – how long it’s been on the market. Not as indepth as using other property tools available (such as property bee or property snake) but handy all the same.
The features bit is possible the best bit though as it lets you pick things like swimming pool and bowling alleys, as well as solar panels. Whilst these things might not be on most people’s searches just having the option to use this sort of detailed search makes it head and shoulders above other property search sites. It’s useful if you want an annex, a 3 storey property or some other quirk!

You can also adjust Tenure, Outside space, Condition, Features, Parking, Period, Bathrooms, Estate agents, Nearby stations, Nearby schools, Distance to stations, Distance to schools, Purchase status. It’s quite an interesting array of things you can look out for.

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