The Rightmove App

Rightmove App on iPadThe Rightmove App on the iPad is an easy way of browsing Rightmove’s houses for sale.
Whilst you can view individual houses on the iPad from a link you can’t use the actual Rightmove website in Safari to locate houses – you have to get the app. The app is free though and is easy to use.
You can type in a postcode, town or county name just as you can on rightmove. The search filters are available to help you define price, range, number of bedrooms and whether you want to see the SSTC properties too.
You view the properties on a map which can be zoomed in or out so you can further define your area. You see the houses shown a few at a time and can scroll through this list to see them all. By zooming in you narrow your area of search and this reduces the numbers of properties shown making it easier to work out which ones you are interested in.

Clicking on a property takes you to the property detail page that has the extra photos and information as well as contact details for the agent. Some pages are better than others and links to other material don’t always work on the iPad. You can add properties to favourites though or email lnks to them to yourself or friends to share the ones you like.
Using Rightmove on the iPad is easy and you’ll find yourself browsing houses on it all the time!
Rightmove’s filters are easy to apply on this and it remembers locations you’ve browsed already in a drop down list so you can revist them easily.
Overall it’s a fun and easy app to use and will help you browse for houses!

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