House near Dulverton

Knapp house DulvertonThis amazing house near Dulverton is stunning! It’s actually got several appartments that make up the house, but you could use it all as one house, or have it partly let out as holiday lets!
Knapp house has a cinema room and a gym and lots of outdoor space.
The property is currently advertised as holiday lets on this site Knapp House which shows you a few more views.

If you look on google streetmap you’ll see the entrance way to the house with the name Knapp on the gateposts.
It’s a charming house and was built in about 1907. It was used in the past as a school. The grounds have an orchard, barbeque area and equestrian area with stables. It’s perfect for country living and is situated in a quiet part of Devon close to Exmoor.
This house is on my wish list!

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