Zoopla Property App on the iPad

Zoople property appThe Zoopla app is free on the iPad.

It only works in portrait mode. It does ask to use your current location when you start it up but then doesn’t always seem to use it for anything.

It’s default is the map view but there’s other options including a hybrid and a list mode. Type in your search and it takes you to a map view. It also doesn’t seem to remember the names of places you’ve typed in which makes it frustrating to have to type in names again.

The hybrid view shows satelite image with roads overlaid on it. The map view is just a road map style. The list doesn’t show any map at all but listed the properties in price order.

zoopla property detailsThe properties are shown as purple pins stuck in a map and you click on them to see the brief detail which includes number of bedrooms and property type and price. You then click on the arrow to see more details.
From the details page you get more info, and the agent’s phone number and you can request details by email.

You can also ‘star’ the property as a favourite. THere is an option for viewing favourites at the bottom of the main screen. There’s also options for showing rentals, values and sold prices which makes it a useful app for doing more detailed price research.

zoopla price trends The price trends chart shows landscape and just to confuse you it turns if you rotate the pad. It’s got the sold prices for the different types of residential property in the area over the last few years. It is useful to compare to previous years and shows you the property peak prices in 08/09.

This is vaguely useful info but not as good as looking up previous sold prices for that particular property.

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