Property Bee

This tool is amazing. Property Bee is a fantastic add on for your browser that enables you to follow properties on rightmove and see when information has changed.

You need to use firefox browser for it and install it from Property bee’s website. I use this and it’s fantastic fun! If you’re at work you might have to ask permission from your boss.
You need to ensure you’re showing changes in the Styles drop down box and that you’re working in a bee on the options drop down box on the Property Bee Toolbar.

work in a bee
Once you’ve got it set up you can browse various property websites and see the data collected by other people and it’ll keep the changes you spot and add them to the history of the property.

It does have a few failings – when a property is taken off rightmove and put back on it doesn’t keep it’s history. This is a shame but if you store properties in your favourites on rightmove you can see the brief info about the property stored there.

If rightmove changes it’s site layout it ceases to work too until the inventor creates an update. This rarely takes long though. The tool is free to use but feel free to send the maker a donation!

So what do you see?
Price reduced property
You’ll see new changes in yellow and the day after they change to blue. They get listed plain after that. This makes it easy to spot changes and see how long the property has been on the market.
It works on,,,,, and
It really is a brilliant tool if you’re looking to buy a house!

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