How many photos on property details do you expect?

How many photos do you expect on estate agent details?

A record has been spotting 100 photos on one property on righmove recently.

Does it vary according to how much the property is for sale for? If a house is on sale for £50,000 then are you happy to see only 4 photos? If a property is on at £1,000,000 are you happy to see only 4 photos?
If you’re selling a house you might be trying to balance enticing people to view with preventing people being nosey. You only have a limited time to interest people in viewing your property. The more properties in your area for sale that are similar to yours then the harder you will have to try.

What are the photos like? Did you get a chance to approve them before they went live on the estate agents website? Can you ask to have them redone? A good estate agent should ensure you are happy with the photos and might even make suggestions as to minor changes to enable good photos to be taken.
Whilst decluttering is one idea, you can sometimes make photos seem better by having side lights on. A good photographer will take plenty of photos and make sure they have some good ones.

When you view a property’s details and see only a few photos, what do you think? It’s easy to assume that the rest of the property is tired and dated if you can’t see pictures of it. If bedrooms aren’t shown then you always wonder why. Likewise if a house doesn’t have its outside shown as the first picture it seems to break the unwritten convention on this. It also causes some distrust amongst house viewers. When you view a house in real life you will immediately see the outside of it, so hiding it by not adding a picture can start off the viewing on a bad note.

It also begs the question, that if the front of your house is not photogenic, then perhaps you should do something to improve it.

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