Shiny Shiny New Builds

First time buyers often get sucked in by the marketing of new builds. There’s something appealling about the neutral, bland utterly decluttered show homes that really gets to some people and make them drool.

Any house can look shiny and new if it’s had a lick of paint. Seeing beyond the current “dressing” of the house is vital if you’re looking at older properties and new builds. How will a shiny half empty house feel when it’s got your clutter in it? Crowded? Smaller?

They often use emotive language too to suck you in. They’ll say things like “the plot for this new build is up for release this week” … making it sound exclusive and elusive … When really they’re got a 15 acres site they’re going to be packing them in on.

New builds are dear. You pay a premium to the developer. You should check out the sold prices of lots of houses in the area and compare. Sometimes buyer from an older new build development is the way to go – and you’ll have all the snagging issues sorted out rather than if you buy the new build you’ll have to sort them out.

Look out for show houses too. There are some companies who use smaller furniture in them to make them look bigger. Always take a tape measure and measure the size of the bed…It might be a double, but it might well be a smaller double than you have at home.
Read the brochure carefully too. Measurements might be subject to some variance, layouts can be altered. I would never recommend anyone buy a new build off plan (Before it’s built!). It strkes me as madness to pay top whack for a house you’ve never seen inside.
I’ve also seen some awful stories about people who have bought new builds off plan and then discovered structural changes have meant the open plan layout was ruined by a massive pillar in the middle of the room. Fighting to get compensation is hard work and the people who you want to see your house to next will see the pillar as a problem too!

Avoid new builds is my best advice. Don’t ever use the solicitor they recommend. Get one who works fully for you. If they don’t like it, then don’t buy one! Go and look round other properties.

If smooth flat walls are your thing, then get the walls in an old house reskimmed. It’ll not cost anywhere near as much as it would cost to buy a new build!

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